COMPANY: Weingut Morandell
COLLABORATOR: Marco Arcangeli

Weingut Morandell is a small family-run business in Kaltern, Südtirol, whose activity develops itself in two directions, wine production and hospitality.

Weingut Morandell asked us to design both the basic elements of its corporate identity and the labels for its wines.

The logo
Its solid roots, in territory and tradition, and its activity developed it two branches, make the tree a natural representation of Weingut Morandell.
The two branches cut a simple and solid square, drawing the M of Morandell, with an irregular and warm stroke, unique in its forms like unique is every tree.

The packaging
Metamorphosis is the concept underlying the entire line of labels. As butterflies transform themselves from a silkworm to a wonderful creature, from a raw grape springs wine.
The name of every variety derives from the name of a particular butterfly.
The patterns that cover the labels summarize the metamorphosis of wine through the shapes of a grape, a drop and a glass of wine. The pattern of every label is, then, colored according to the wing coloring of the respective butterfly.


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